About Us

About us

Getmetruck.in About us

We started our company with only one problem in mind which needed quick attention those days. And that was to solve the issue of delayed and faulty delivery done by the postal and transportation companies in India. Our company was started to address this issue. We aspired to serve the public with top-quality delivery service, which would beat the then-current delivery timelines and be 100% safe.

We believe that our fleet must contain only mentally prepared professionals and mature enough to handle this work with utmost professionalism. And this is because our work must compliment the goal we have, serving all customers with great delivery services. Be it today or tomorrow, and our forever goal will be to focus on quality more than quantity.

But all these words would be of no value if our work doesn't speak for itself. But our previous 100% testimonials have proved that we are a company with values. We provide what we promise, and that's the reality.

In addition to this, we always want to reach and help every type of customer. And that's why we have a series of packages which every type of customer in the market can avail. And those are:-

  • () Express delivery:- Ultrafast delivery speeds
  • () Full truckload delivery:- Facility to book one whole truck
  • () Part truckload delivery:- Facility to book part trucks to save money
  • () Packers and movers service:- Facility for any official or domestic shifting work

Why do people choose getmetruck?

Since its inception, we have strived to fulfill our promises, and to date, there hasn't been any delivery where we dissatisfied our customers. To keep ourselves updated with the latest tech and trends, we have inculcated technology and IT a lot into our business model. Our booking service is now available online, which can be used any time of the year to book your transportation remotely. Apart from this, we also provide:-

  • () Fast and safe delivery:- The biggest and foremost feature is that we deliver all goods at lightning-fast speeds. And in addition to speed, we also take care of the goods at all times.
  • () Product security:- We always undertake multiple security measures at every checkpoint to ensure there is no security issue to our client's belongings.
  • () Price oriented:- We understand the limitation of a commoner, and we want to reach the masses. And this can’t be done by charging super high for bookings. Therefore we charge only reasonable prices
  • () Secured payment:- All the payment gateways online are 100% safe, and you will have no security issue whatsoever.
  • () 24/7 support:- To assist you with the journey with us, we have a 24/7 support service that will clear all your doubts and will address every complaint registered.
  • () Well experience:- All the employees working at getmetruck are experienced and dedicated to serving their customers will full heart.